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Servicing Harrison, Mamaroneck, Purchase, Rye, Rye Brook, Scarsdale, West Harrison, and White Plains.

Margie is a very responsible trustworthy individual who has a true love for animals. I feel confident recommending her to my clients, knowing that their pets will be well cared for.

- Doctor Sandy Tarasoff DVM,
Animal Hospital of White Plains

Entrusting my Angel Anna's care to Margie, speaks volumes. Whether going away overnight, annually to the North American Veterinary Conference, or to a Safari in Africa, I can feel at peace knowing my angel is in good hands. Rocky, my German Shepherd, as entertaining as he is, he can be a handful! My Horse, Majiid, an Egyptian Arabian, is spirited, and he has his own needs. Margie has a difficult role to fulfill, taking care of my animals; she has to follow in my footsteps. I've been involved and gainfully employed in the veterinary profession for over twenty years! I'm blessed and grateful to have Margie take care of my most prized possessions, my animals. Responsible, trustworthy, dedicated, caring and loving aren't words enough to do Margie justice!

- Valerie Perl

I don't know what we would have done without Margie! From the day we brought Koby home as a puppy several years ago, Margie has been there for us and for him. She is the only sitter he has ever had - or ever will have! Margie is reliable, conscientious and LOVES animals. I have never met another person I would trust more with my dog, or with full access to my house. She is honest and trustworthy and has become a friend to our entire family - and especially to Koby. When we say her name, he goes crazy and is so excited to get to see her. Margie is a very special person and we are so lucky to have her in our lives.

To call Margie a "dog walker" is a severe understatement. She is a dog caretaker; and to our family, a God send. Margie has been part of our family for two and a half years, since we've had our bulldog Oscar. Oscar was very sick as a puppy, and from the start, Margie was available, knowledgeable and supportive in ways I wouldn't expect from someone I didn't know. Since she's cared for Oscar since he was a puppy, she helped us leash and house train him. She is unbelievably patient and compassionate. Margie goes above and beyond her role as Oscar's caretaker- She not only takes Oscar for walks and gives him the love, attention, and activity he needs, but she provides unending support to my husband and I as we face the challenges of raising a dog. She is always available to talk when we have questions about our upcoming schedule, or questions about Oscar's care. I recommend Margie to care for your pet without hesitation. Now, if we could just convince her to help us raise our human children.

Margie has been my dog walker/pet care provider for two years now - I don't know what I would do without her. She loves my dogs as much as I do and is possibly more protective of them because of her many years of experience working for veterinarians and knowledge of what is safe. From her knowledge she has turned me on to many healthy supplements and what to feed that have really made a difference in my aging babies' mobility. She is totally reliable and will never let you down. If there's a way to fit you to a time slot that is not your regular one, Margie will do it. Because of her many years working for veterinarians, I feel comfortable knowing she will alert me to a situation she feels needs looking into to. Margie is family.

Margie has been taking care of our pets for several years. She is honest, loving and reliable. When we travel, I have complete peace of mind knowing that Margie is walking through my door. Thank you, Margie.

Margie is the most dependable dog walker we have ever had. Our two Labs are so excited when she comes that they are waiting at the door for her the minute they hear her drive up and lock her truck! She is most trustworthy. We have given her a key to our home and she has taken great care of our dogs when we are away. I trust her implicitly. I highly recommend her service to anyone looking for a top notch dog walker!

Margie is a "dog whisperer". She has a unique and "genuine connection" to animals. Our dog Quirin just loves her. She's very trustworthy and reliable, and she keeps an eye on things for us when we're away. She is an invaluable asset to our family that enables our crazy suburban lifestyle to work. Thank you, Margie